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How to Use Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Indicator

Ichimoku Definition The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (Equilibrium chart at a glance) is a comprehensive technical analysis tool introduced in 1968 by Tokyo columnist Goichi Hosoda. The concept of the system was to provide an immediate vision of trend sentiment, momentum and strength at a glance perceiving all the Ichimoku’s five components and a price in […]

How to Trade Using Stochastic Oscillator Indicator

Stochastic oscillator indicator by developer George Lane, the main idea lies in the fact that price increases tend to close previous highs, and downtrend prices fall to cover nearest and previous lows. Trading with the Stochastic indicator involves the following signals: The Stochastic line is cross indicates a trend change. Stochastic above the level 80 […]

How to Trade Using RSI Indicator

RSI indicator (Relative Strength Index) is another momentum indicator developed by Welles Wilder. The standard setting period for RSI is period 14, which can be applied at any time span. The RSI indicator compares the average up closing and down closing for a given time period. Trading with RSI involves the following signals: RSI is moving […]

How to Trade Using CCI Indicator

CCI indicator (Commodity Channel Index)  is a very popular indicator among traders. Although beginner traders tend to pay less attention to the CCI at the start of their learning curve, then they return to simplicity and find potential on the CCI indicator. There are various CCI indicators, just by looking at the screenshots below with […]

How to Trade Using Bollinger Bands Indicator

Bollinger Bands indicator – a simple but powerful indicator, ideal for traders who love the visual style of forex trading. Created by John Bollinger,  Bollinger Bands indicator that measures market volatility and provides a wealth of useful information: Trend direction Trends continued or paused The period of market consolidation Periods of massive future volatility breackouts […]